How to Heal Naturally Unsightly Acne Scars

Nobody does not like the scar. Women, in particular, control their most-aware and scratches even on their face for a minute for looks, not to mention thoroughly, and not be able to tolerate the prefix scar. Women always more of a recipe - but do not spend thousands of dollars for the procedure scar removal cream and cosmetics, unfortunately rarely're visas to get exactly what you're looking for, because this. Claim to remove scars caused by most of the cream and serum only OTC acne. It is, if you can not afford the cost of clinical treatment in order to remove the scar, that cosmetics brand to not take a Masa and number more than $ cost, do not go for the natural treatment that has not failed to do so. Here is acne scars also try really happened ancient several effective natural therapy for women.

Scars of lemon mask:

I mix the honey and lemon juice and almond oil. In order to obtain a homogeneous paste, and mix by adding milk. The mask was applied to the scar, dry, which is pre-cleaning (7 to 10 minutes). 2 weeks of daily Repeat this treatment, please refer to the signs of the next day of the increase in day light.

Not only lemon juice of lemon, not only the shortcomings bleaching acne, make a flexible processing area in the software, which will help to stimulate collagen renewal. Additionally, you will be able to apply lemon juice for your scars directly. All you have to do is at a pressure of fresh lemon juice with a piece of cotton, is applied directly to the scar. Please make sure that you can not apply the lemon juice around, and pale skin. Moreover, the application of lemon juice for the skin, can be as much as when to avoid sun.

Signs honey mask aspirin blister:

Aspirin is not a natural ingredient, and although it can greatly improve the final skin healing properties combining with honey. 2-3 is a combination of aspirin ground with a few drops of water and honey (1 cup) so as to obtain a paste courage. And gently massaged into the skin with your fingertips. Structure of granules, giving peeling optimal for the user, salicylic acid effectively treat scar tissue aspirin. New brand pockmarked appearance able to see a significant improvement between 7-10 days, please try this treatment.

In addition, you can use honey and cinnamon paste to improve the appearance of scars. The honey until a smooth paste is a mixture of cinnamon together. Apply the paste to the scar, left for 30 to 45 minutes before washing. If you can not stand to watch because of the weather or to apply honey and cinnamon paste on your face, you can try this treatment for the night, you'll want to paste a night. Please wash your face in the morning, usually the next day, and so on.

Baking soda scrub:

Baking soda is another very popular natural treatment for unsightly scars and scratches acne is left. Mixing the two cups of baking soda spoons enough water to maintain a beautiful granules and paste consistency jagged. Quietly around the scars of the region, and massage your face for a few minutes. After leaving 5-7 minutes soda paste, please then rinse with warm water. Baking soda granules gently, cool down, to reveal a smooth skin, take off the top layer of skin that has been damaged breakouts and scars blister free without any inflammation. Two or three times for a couple of months in order to confirm the results, weekly and repeat this treatment.

Prevention is better than cure:

That all natural remedies above is really effective without any doubt, but as they say, prevention is better than treatment, to avoid the acne scar it is formed in the first place is important. Not all persistent blisters, scratches and depression remain. Making the care of your acne, you can reduce the chances of scar developed considerably. Here, you can follow in order to avoid scratches are some simple tips:

  • Please do not play with acne
  • Never pop acne
  • Please do not choose to acne and acne scars
  • You can publish your acne scars to the sun, please do not acne
  • I drink lots of water / juice
  • Limit of caffeine consumption
  • It is for me to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables
  • Say no to many foods and fatty junk
  • There are no scratches or acne scars, you can try these remedies, please follow the tips, if you want to get perfect skin.

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