Depressive Surgical and Non-surgical Treatment for Acne Scars

Acne usually wound depressive reaction and naturists topical creams, and even if they do not respond, it is fully integrated with the traditional techniques, is almost impossible to remove it. Both invasive and non-invasive - - so that you can use to fill acne scars effectively depression, there is a wide range of clinical treatment. It is part of the surgical options and no surgery that you have shown in the following. Go through it to find what is best for you.

Surgical options:

Treatment depth of several surgical options available, acne scars etched:

Punch excision:

To this damaged skin using a surgical instrument similar round cookie cutter to remove discarded. After removing all the scars, while the skin doctor to ensure that you carefully sew without a scar looks, sewing the edges of the wound to the back.

Punching height:

Scar on the type of surgery, your dermatologist, remove the scar is difficult to be flat on the surrounding skin, increase the rest of the organization.

Punch grafting:

From the name of its clear, wide scars punch to fill Graft changes users make their depressed scars skin open. This type of surgery is performed when the wound is too deep acne.

Incision under the skin:

Remove skin incision scar under the separation of hard scar tissue from the skin to the offering, which you can use to smooth the surface of the skin scar lift.

Non-surgical options:
For non-surgical option for obvious reasons, there is a high demand: Do not bring the risk of further treatment is painless, with minimal downtime or both. The regular treatment for acne marked noninvasive be used as follows.

Chemical peel:

Chemical peels are the mildest of all the technical adjustment of non-invasive scar. The level of prescription free solution is not intended to be applied to the affected area to remove the top layer of skin is damaged skin surface to cool to reveal a layer soft leather. This procedure is used to treat wounds and deep depression is not a scratch on the surface.


Microdermabrasion also work in the same way as chemical peels. This technique, however, to clarify the new layer under the skin, in which glass polished aluminum upper layers of the skin. This technique is also effective in treating mild scars, not to work well for acne bleeding wounds.

Dermal fillers:

Depressed acne scars respond well to download the skin. For depressed scars to significantly increase fluid injection and injection under the skin surface. Fillers, both natural and synthetic, scars can also be inflated. Filling natural collagen and fat from the patient's body contains. The results of the load, is the most impressive, only downside than 6-18 months, as a temporary solution.

Laser Skin Resurfacing:
Laser Skin Deep is probably effective solution for the long-term scarring. The laser has a wavelength specific to promote the healing process is to destroy the hard scar tissue. Moreover, to improve the smoothness and softness of the skin and promote the production of collagen and elastin naturally. CO2 fractional laser skin is stubborn to treat bleeding defects, the latest technology is used worldwide. Skin Resurfacing Laser is no previous procedure. 4-6 sessions are usually required to completely remove acne scars.

RF Processing (RFT):

Handling high-frequency, treatment of some skin ThermaCool used to treat a number of conditions, skin, including medical press. It's safe treatments and affordable is the latest skin type and tone. Dermatologist for skin tightening, use radio waves of a certain frequency. This has caused me depressed acne scars less visible. In addition to laser skin, RFT also require more than one session to achieve the desired results.

If you are interested, now he / she is up to you how you have to fit your scars deep wells, which will recommend the best treatment of acne scars surgery or no surgery, consult your doctor skin.

Note: Some doctors also prescribed isotretinoin for severe acne. Even if you have a prescription drug such treatment, active acne before it starts scar treatment, the doctors tell me the skin.

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